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Transport Pack V2
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Transport Pack V2

This is my version of the Transport Pack by Silja88. He gave permission as shown here in the comments in link above.

I fixed a few things and added dirt textures to the truck, dolly and lowboy trailer. All set to 50 minutes.
On the truck the paint was changed, a few interior textures were changed, added LED blinkers and beacons, changed the angle of the  mirrors.
The dolly, I added diamond plate, added collisions to try and fix the front from sinking into the ground after buying it, I think it works ok! I also added lights, blinkers and beacons.
Lowboy trailer, added 2nd beacon and flashers (that was already their, just hidden) Added round LEDs for the flashers, adjusted the collisions to be more level with the bed of the trailer.

The dirt texture is not perfect, and only set to about 83% on all 3 mods, any more than that, and I thought it looked bad. Wheels don't get dirty at all, cause it didn't look good.

I think thats it. Leave a comment and let me know what you think or if anything needs fixing?

Silja88 Original mod.
Fixed and modded by Mote454

  • Mote454
    2015-11-26 16:24
    Don't know what went wrong, but the file openme.rar that modhub linked as this truck pack is wrong. I uploaded a file called TransportPack_V2_UnZipMe.zip at 71megs. So what you will be downloading is the original mod! As I just downloaded it to see why it was only 51megs.
  • Taurnota
    2015-11-26 17:08
    I hope u can get it in a zip file cause that's what I have been waiting for..looks like a very good mod.
  • Dan


    2015-11-26 18:06
    thanks at Mote454 this is my new favorite trailer. i do not use the dolly though. can't wait to check it out with new lighting.. thanks again!
  • Mote454
    2015-11-26 18:20
    I just uploaded the mod again, hopefully they get it right this time?
  • Mote454
    2015-11-26 18:36
    Well, they just declined the 2nd upload I just did, I don't know why they don't want the correct file? Guess I'll try another website later tonight? Someone on this website don't know what they are doing I guess?
  • Mote454
    2015-11-26 18:39
    OK, I see now they have the correct link on this one!
  • Perfect08
    2015-11-26 19:43
    This is from my log file.C:/Users/MSC/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//KenworthT600b/KenworthT600.i3d (1773.97 ms)Error: Unsupported 32bit index mesh cooking 'body:Mesh'.Error: Unsupported 32bit index mesh cooking 'chrom:Mesh'.Plus a load of physics errors.Have not tried trailer and dolly yet.
  • Nomae
    2015-11-26 22:10
    dose anyone keep get unknown network error when try download the mod ?
  • Punisher
    2015-11-27 09:09
    Love the look of the truck, Thank You for Sharing. Do you mind me asking where you got that tracked tree harvester?
  • Mote454
    2015-11-27 15:46
    Perfect08 I believe those errors were in the original mod too. They don't seem to effect gameplay on my end!Punisher, the tree harvester can be found in this packhttp://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/pack-forestry-equipment/And you will love it, very nice mod.
  • Andy
    2015-11-29 19:49
    I really like the textures of this mod pack and I think it's Great Just when i try and use the actual trailer it crashes my game... dolly and truck works fine though
  • Mote454
    2015-11-30 01:02
    Sounds like a mod conflict Andy. Trailer works fine for me and I have 840 mods in my mod folder. Yes I need to do some cleaning....
  • Train master
    2015-11-30 04:34
    Could you please ad landing gear to the dolly assembly so it will sit level ad allow all trucks to attach the dolly to all trucks plz
  • Train master
    2015-11-30 04:36
    Could you please add landing gear to the dolly assembly so it will sit level when spawned and reset and also attach to all trucks please
  • Train master
    2015-11-30 04:37
    Could you please add landing gear to the dolly assembly so it will sit level when spawned and reset and also it can attach to all trucks please
  • Redneck framer
    2015-12-06 15:05
    Pretty cool mod, but the fifth wheel on the dolly is way too far forward, it should be over the first axle, also add dolly supports so that it sits level and finally it seems it only works with certian trucks, I lifted it with a crane and hooked it to a Ford L9000 mod and the truck/dolly was all over the map, kindly address the issue with your mod to make it 100%. Thanks for atleast releasing it to everyone.
  • Guest
    2015-12-06 19:02
  • Westgate
    2015-12-07 04:41
    what a hunk of shit.
  • Kentuck87
    2016-03-17 06:28
    THIS MOD IS A Piece of SHIT DO NOT DOWNLOAD just a waste of time
  • Jwdiesel
    2018-05-17 20:01
    can somebody convert this fs17
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