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Tribine 2015 v1.0
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Tribine 2015 v1.0

wheat rape maize barley oat sunflower grass
Capacity: 500,000
OverLoad: 200,000
Fuel: 2000

Credits: Jerrico/Re Skin Tribine Zorlac

Speed: 40
Credits: Jerrico
Installation: Download File/Unrar/Move Zipped Files To Mod folder.

Credits: Jerrico/Re Skin Tribine Zorlac

  • Vytautas serios farmer
    2016-06-27 22:16
    healthy I played bakley map, or you would put any amendment asfor example egg factories, beer factories and pakeiskik Claas 780 larger tonnage will be grateful very
  • Dodgehunter84
    2016-06-28 03:42
    That isn't even close to the real thing, it looks to be a reskin of a John Deere. The real one is based off of a Gleaner.
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