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Triple Anhydrous Tank Wagon v1.0
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Triple Anhydrous Tank Wagon v1.0

I present to you a Triple Anhydrous Tank Wagon for your largest possible NH3 application needs.  

This wagon has three 1,000 gallon nurse tanks. This wagon is built for your large needs with its rugged frame.  Sorry but the suspension on this tank is rigid.  This wagon can refill at any working fertilizer fill point and also can refill any tank in the field.  Rides stable and tows nicely behind any tractor or implement.  Working width is 12m with this tank.  The longer this wagon works in the field the dirtier it will get right along with the tires.

Worked very hard to bring you this mod.  Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did making this.  
Please keep this mod on this site only, unless I state otherwise.

GIANTS Software
LMS Modding, Mwlacy, BigCountry (Tires, major help, Tester)
Sivy (teacher, major help)
AlbertL (major help)
westmorgan (Tester, major help)
812farmer (Tester, bug squisher)
MikeLowery (Tester)
farmerboy69 (Found a bug, squished bug dead)
red farmer 976 (Tester)
JohnDeere1952 (Tester)

Plese, if I forgot anyone or if anything is wrond with credits, please let me know so I can change it right away.


  • F.u thomas
    2016-03-24 15:57
  • Tdog55
    2016-03-24 17:32
    ThomasThis is y i don't release mods anymore. FUCK YOU!
  • Blacky
    2016-03-24 20:10
    and he puts virus on all the mods and fucks up your computer stupid idiot
  • Blueants5609
    2016-03-24 21:40
    Is there no actual nutrient injector with it?
  • @tdog55
    2016-03-24 21:52
    TDOG55 are we crying over a mod o my goodness grow up if u dont like ur mod taken dont be putting them on websites
  • How bout you fuck off
    2016-03-24 23:01
    do us all a favor and kill yourself
  • Hey tdog
    2016-03-24 23:02
    do you have mercs pete 377?
  • @tdog55
    2016-03-25 01:05
    awww TDOG55 is all butt hurt poor little baby would you like a bottle and some milk
  • Jim


    2016-03-25 04:49
    Oh man the compaction with this. Wont get good yields pulling this across your fields that's for sure.
  • Braindead4
    2016-03-26 22:19
    Could have put the credits in since you copy and pasted this off the AEM site. And given credit where credit is due.
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