Farming simulator 2019 mods
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This global map update, it became 16 square kilometers, has corrected all the errors. Added product factory and distillery. What makes more than 15 kinds of products. Beer dark, light beer, vodka, cognac, white wine, red wine, milk, canned food, yogurt, cherry juice, apple juice, peach nectar, cucumbers, tomatoes, 2 kinds of grapes, hops, strawberries, pears, apples, peppers, onions and plums. On the map sewn fashion purchased objects, but you can decide to play with them or not. Mods and scripts attached to the card. It has all the standard culture, as well as: sunflower, soybean, three kinds of flour, bread and rolls, sand, cement, gravel, concrete. Also there is dirt, a creamery, flour mills, concrete factory. More Card to finish, and later will add new objects, culture, etc.

Update History:
08.04.2016 (v 0.2) -> 25.04.2016 (v 0.3) -> 02.06.2016 (v 0.4) -> 18.09.2016 (v 0.5)


  • Richie_b
    2016-09-18 18:40
    Looks a very interesting map, but unfortunately I shall keep it in my storage folder and await any updates pending. The pigs and the beef have got water but you have omitted giving water to the chickens, sheep & cows. WHY? I cant see a farmer not giving all his live stock the correct diet, which would include WATER.
  • Farmboy7800
    2016-09-19 05:15
    English signage would be helpful in order to read what is what
  • Dragan
    2016-09-19 06:27
    Die map hat mod probleme-mit einige mods st├╝rzt ab
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-09-20 21:16
    Is there any reason why I can not Stock, a lot of the Fruit types, "Cucumber, Tomato, Pear, Apple, Apricot, etc. They will stock, but if I shutdown overnight, they are gone on restart in the morning. Other Maps do hold the items on restart, but this one will not Why?
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