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UHual F-250 Cargo Van v1
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UHual F-250 Cargo Van v1

I , bevor Sie die Uhaul F-250 : Transporter setzen . 1 Koffer für Kartoffeln , Brot, Backwaren , Blumen, Wiskey , Bier 1 Koffer für Schweine- und Rindfleisch und eine für Spreu
I put before you the UHaul F-250 Cargo Vans. 1 Cargo van for potatos, bread, backwaren, flower,  wiskey, beer 1 Cargo van  for pig and beef and one for chaff.

Hanomag Deutsch Modding -Team

  • Thomas
    2015-08-26 20:03
    should have added the other fruits and animals pigs piglet cattle calf beef and so on from the textile to the birdseeds to the whiskey and beer i have suggested this mod and it has been done my next one is how about a chevy version and different sizes from the 10 foot to the 20 foot box truck
  • Thomas
    2015-08-26 20:06
    and a dually version
  • Sumopuppy
    2015-08-26 20:37
    This was a pack from FS13 or older, just a full conversion and fix of errors as much as possible. We'll see what can be done for future endeavors ;-)
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