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Unimog Spezial v1.0 wsb
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Unimog Spezial v1.0 wsb

Here the Unimog special LS15wsb
This is a Unimog from TSL Spezialfahrzeugbau
So NO real model!
more: TSL Agricultural Engineering

* Work light, front / rear
* Loading takes place on the chute above the roof
* Fruits: wheat rape maize barley chaff potato sugarbeet fertilizer grass silage manure
grass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow woodchips compost_soil compost
* Loading / animated doors, lift and lower for easy loading and unloading
(Manually or automatically when bales & Co "tipping")
* Capa: 12,000
* Trailerattacher normal / low
* Front hydrauli
* PICUP for swath under the vehicle mounted and animated (cereals and grass)
* Washable
* DynamicMountAttacher switchable for securing the load
(If enabled, then a tube in the back of visible)
* ... And other little things
* Log: clean

Have fun with it ... TheSecretLife
It is prohibited to upload this mod again, not even in modified form!
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  • Freestate farmer
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    When I drive free roam the camara jumps to the bottom of the truck. a Bug or what?
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