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Universalanhaenger v1.0 wsb
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Universalanhaenger v1.0 wsb

Here is my Universalanhaenger LS15wsb

more: TSL Agricultural Engineering
* Washable
* Animated
* Can be loaded with fruits
* Capa: 7500
* Fruits:
wheat barley maize rape chaff fertilizer manure sugarbeet sunflower potato grass silage
forage forage_mixing carrot wheat_windrow barley_windrow grass_windrow wood chips
* DynamicMountAttacher be activated
(Indicated by the bars on the bed + grid)
... Turning to attach the cargo!
Have fun with it ... TheSecretLife

It is prohibited to upload this mod again, not even in modified form!
Please use the original download link!


  • Guest
    2015-03-13 17:23 Send message
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    first of all thanks for this nice mod...little problem on the ramp when it's open and you want to load something ,is impossible because the ramp don't touch the floor....
  • Jack k.
    2015-04-25 15:15 Send message
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    Um... Quick Question? Where did you get the weidman mod and if u can tell me this please give me a link as well im very excited to get this new mod as im having some bad bad BAD glitches with the eager beaver so im excited to give this a shot btw my problems with the eb are that its not compatible with some giants trucks and such and it makes them dance like CRAZY
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