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Unloading crane for wooden pallets v1.0
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Unloading crane for wooden pallets v1.0

good Morning
I silk animated crane for roundwood for download offered have, I got more proposals
You what you could not do with it.
Now here is one of the first results:
An unloading crane for wood pallets from sawmill
The crane has a built-in trigger sales of the same price increases as the normal
I have the crane on the saddle Palettenanhaenger set of gnescher because currently not so many
Wooden pallet trailer offered. Eigendlich should any other trailer or truck
function only sees the animation more than questionable.
A video is attached
A video of Crane says more than all the images.
The .zip must be unzipped 1x to obtain also the necessary AnimationMapTrigger.
Installing the AnimationMapTrigger we described in the same zip the trigger.
(unzip zip, read the Readme_Install_Notes)
I explicitly point out that the crane and other mechanical components not modded by me
were, but animated.
This mod is meant only for Map Creator.
Have fun with it.

by Tropy

  • Erpilas
    2015-12-05 14:49
    buenas, me gustaría que fuese plegable si es posible, gracias...
  • Erpilas
    2015-12-05 15:08
    tonto del vídeo..que rule......
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