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Unloading Ramp for Fliegl Rondomat v1.0
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Unloading Ramp for Fliegl Rondomat v1.0

I have long wanted a way to get rid of the bales without great effort in the BGA.
Then I found the straw and Heuverkauf of Ingo210578 (Thanks for the friendly release)
and the ramp ado adapted to Fliegl`s Rondomat.
Now you can send in writing:
-lays from doof
-not reasonable texture
yes glued together -is only from mud
All right! But the ramp serves its purpose. This is the most important thing to me.
Basically, I'm just doing my idea publicly here.
Disclaimer: The ramp is free to use for everyone
The modders are invited to make it better (should not be that hard;)
For buyers: No!
There will be no placeable version, because the ramp must be placed very precisely in the GE,
so that the bales stay anywhere hang!


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