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Update 1.3 Public Beta
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Update 1.3 Public Beta

Warning: This is a public beta patch which may affect the gameplay negative

Improving the drivability of the vehicles (1.3)
Tree pruning work reliably (1.3)
Program crashes with the wood cutting were fixed (1.3)
Crashes on 32bit computers have been fixed (1.3)
Problems with movement of Jenz hacker Fixed (1.3)
Network bandwidth used in multiplayer was reduced (1.3)
Incorrect movement of trees in multiplayer Fixed (1.3)
Visuale Verbesserugnen to Kuhn Profile1880, Case IH Quadtrac, Lemken Heliodor, Grimme Maxtron, Capello Quasar F4, Krampe SB 30/60, Liebherr Tl 436-7, Ponsse Scorpion King, Ponsse Buffalo, Jenz Hem583, Väderstad Carrier 820, Krampe BB 900, Deutz 6.61 (1.3)
Error with the Church Clock scripts in Mod Maps Fixed (1.3)
Error attaching the seedling pallets Fixed (1.3)
Incorrect placement of trees in the Map has been fixed (1.3)
Disappearance of the texture field in the distance after the Remove From a swath Fixed (1.3)
Capacity of manure heap was increased (1.3)
Loading times have been reduced (1.3)
Performance has been improved when working in the field (1.3)
Possibility chips abzukippen with a shovel into the thermal power station has been added (1.3)
Crash when placing objects on the Mapgrenze (1.3)
Multiplayer synchronization period was shortened (1.3)
Incorrect field display under DirectX (Intel graphics cards) (1.3)
Problem with the BGA silo when they are almost empty Fixed (1.3)
Grimme Tectron overcharge Animation Fixed (1.3)
When the minimap is disabled in the options, the full screen option is now still available (1.3)
Power demand of balers Fixed (1.3)
Wrong sales price of seedlings were fixed (1.3)
Problems with the washing is hanging devices Fixed (1.3)
Display of capacity in the WebStats of Dedicated Servers Fixed (1.3)
Save the multiplayer client permissions Fixed (1.3)
Problems with the helpers have been fixed (1.3)
Crash fixed on MacOSX if a gamepad is removed (1.3)
Problems with the lanes have been fixed (1.3)
Problem with the deployment of the combine harvester after resetting Fixed (1.3)
Improving the drivability of the vehicles
Improved differential lock (eg, better handling of Ponsse Scorpion)
At the bottom-drawn equipment no longer randomly jump
Improving the physics of cranes
Jenz Hacker works reliably
FSI ST65T more reliable
Tree pruning works reliably
Trees in multiplayer stutter less
Vehicles stutter less when trees are moved
Limbing in multiplayer is synchronized
Trees are worth a little less, especially when whole, not delimbed trees are sold
The Poltergabel can now access individual strains
Vehicles roll more from when the accelerator pedal
Various visual enhancements to the vehicle
Several minor functional improvements to vehicles
Performance and memory usage improvements
Additional costs if the helper seeds, fertilizers etc. itself brings
Various improvements of the helper
Fixed Suspended vehicle when loading a savegame
Geometry improves the silos
Immense Mission Time Bonus Fixed
Incorrect assignment of values ??in the statistics was corrected
Various translation fixes
Improve the control with a gamepad or steering wheel
Dunghill has a greater capacity
Mods can now display the time in the indoor Hud
Reduced price of the high-pressure cleaner dramatically in use
So that the trees fall Automatic creation of a Humboldt case notch with a chainsaw in the cutting direction
Adaptive VSync can be disabled in the options
The traffic can be disabled in the options
The time until a vehicle is dirty can be adjusted in the options
Increased maximum cutting length of Ponsse Scorpion to 8 meters
Loading times with mods were shortened

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  • Freestate farmer
    2015-05-04 12:24
    Will it not be better to wait for the complete update before installing this update. Still in beta form.
  • Jtman
    2015-05-04 15:03
    http://farming-simulator.com/updates.php?patch15_1_3=true is the actual link.. link provided only takes you to actual updates.. not the beta.
  • Michael
    2015-05-05 17:48
    when will there be a patch that will work on laptops computers
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