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URAL (crane timber) v1.0
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URAL (crane timber) v1.0

High-quality Russian truck URAL.
Leaves traces of wheels and dust, clean the wheel and arm only. In komplenkte have a trailer for transporting timber. speed of 90 km / h.
Dynamic exhaust near the front bumper.
Running lights, speedometer, tachometer and beacons, animation loading mechanism.
Very much to ask for the original download link)) !! Also many thanks to the authors for quality and beautiful mod.

GIANTS, SILAK 68, sanya1970, Diman163, SpeedySC1978, Kovsh

  • Bobbi
    2014-12-27 13:47 Send message
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    Very very nice truck. Respect the author Zallaman. 1 ... ps I downloaded from Sharemods
  • Guest
    2014-12-27 13:50 Send message
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    Thank U
  • Kiler2209
    2015-06-20 14:14 Send message
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    zaje fajna cierzrówka
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