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Ursus 1604 revised version
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Ursus 1604 revised version

Modification is:
- Mod Hand
- Realistic sounds
- A cock in the car
- Get in the cab showing the speed and fuel level
- Particle wheel system
- Hook turns
- And much much more
Added / Changed:
Added fenders narrowed the front wheels, added operating indicators, additional two halogen lights on the front.
Improved lighting - all lights are off.
Console from round lost luster and color changed to gray.
Hardened rear axle.
Open roof
The revised engine sound because this was the rozlatuj─ůca the chaff.
Required Patch 1.1

Author: Model: Marcello1942
Edit: mati7766
FS 15: Seven7
Edit 2: Pawulon
Hand Animation (Mod Hand) by Lech & Aranea

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