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Ursus 1614 Tur GR Mokrzyn [Washable]
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Ursus 1614 Tur GR Mokrzyn [Washable]

- Washable (soiling themselves)
- Mobile cardan shaft
- Mobile clutch, gas and brake
- A fixed Tur
- The ability to remove the arm round (on podejście2xklawisz R)
- Movable wajcha from racing
- Moving the radiator fan and pulleys
- Illuminated clocks
- Mod plowing
- Movable wajcha of lifting linkage
- Removable and established fenders (to approach key R)
- Mirrors on the L key
- Panel IC (open doors, sunroof, rear window)
- Animation steering, rear Lifting
- Twin wheels rear assumed to approach key R (outside the tractor)
- Ability to open the left door on the outside of the tractor with the R key
- Moving Tips turnover, fuel level, temperature, pressure, etc.
- Operating lights in the cabin (lights, turn signals, halogens)
- Movable flap on muffler
- Lighting working turn signals, rooster
- Clean Log

Marcello1942,G&M Modding Team,Spinah
Skrypt: Sven777b,Manuel Leithner,Burner,Modelleicher,fozzy691,fruktor,Aran ea
In FS15/Edit/Washable:roller90

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