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Ursus Pack BY SAGT
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Ursus Pack BY SAGT

Author-pack: sagt

Read this litany: D To be clear
In your hands get another fashion by our (editu)
This time it will be two edits, mianowicie- Ursus3512 and Ursus C330M
Real: D Visit our YT channel and operating under the Fanpage
same name to see what it looks like in the real world: D

Ursus C330M
Giants, Marcello1942 farmer, Perkins, Bociek
Programming: Rockstar94
Script: modelleicher, JoXXer, RivalBomb, Knagsted, Giants, Rockstar94

- Opened the door and mask approach
- Removable mask approach
- Removable turns on approach
- Removable beam on approach
- Adjust lower hook approach
- Opened glass and roof,
- A working wiper,
- Silenced cabin,
- Mod hand,
- The effect of the rain on the windows,
- The moving levers and pedals,
- Movable flaps,
- Movable front axle,
- Full animation steering,
- Illuminated clocks,
- Movable tip tachometer,
- Dynamic camera
- Animation input
- Hand brake,
- Flam during operation,
- Movable doors,
- Improved dynamic exhaust system,
Price: € 7000, Daily maintenance: 5 €
We changed txt masks and wings: D

Ursus 3512 BY User12
Konwert: User12
Model: Agromet, foreman, MArcelo1942
Edit: sagt
The tractor has a power of 35 kW, ie 47.5KM. Price in the store is 27 500 $.

New and improved things:
-A New model and texture
-Nieco Changed the parameters of power and uciągu- capacity only slightly changed, that the tractor is able to pick up too large a tool mechanism of action results in moving ob- something for something.

-Ciągnik May have some errors in the log is in no way soiling
the game in addition to a panel IC that does not play a major role

I do not claim the copyright to the above-mentioned modes.
I throw a free link so I'm clean.
Best regards and wish you a pleasant influenza downloaded, a package can be unpacked to
I allow for further elevation of the post but the maintenance of the total
its contents and a link


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