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Ursus Z586 Bale Wrapper Pack
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Ursus Z586 Bale Wrapper Pack

The Ursus Z586 Bale Wrapper Pack consits of 3 seperate mods with each one having a different silawrap film colour
This is the in-game Ursus Z586 Bale Wrapper but edited by my self to accept different silawrap film

The three colours icluded are as follows:
- Green - With Dark Green Logo
- White - With Dark Green Logo
- Black - With White Logo

You do not need to unzip mod !
Just place zip strait into your mods folder

You May Not!
- Upload this mod to other mod hosting websites

You May
- Edit this mod for personal use

If you have any question feel free to PM me or if you are experiencing any issues please post a reply on the support topic
I hope you all enjoy this mod  !


Giants - Model
FarmerMatt2012 - Conversion To Mod Form
FarmerMatt2012 - Silawrap Wrapping Textures

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