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US Water Trailer v1
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US Water Trailer v1

The trailer is equipped with its capacity of 30,000 liters ideal for transporting water.
have fun with it
a thank you would be very happy


  • Rabiddawg
    2015-06-26 00:42
    Where can I get the truck? It looks awesome.
  • Andrew
    2015-06-26 02:08
    thank you for these mods, i love to have random trucks and trailers sitting around my maps, gives them a sense of fullness. and idea where i can download that truck at? have some parking lots id like to fill
  • Xanderdog
    2015-06-26 03:31
    where can i get the truck it looks wicked
  • Ford fan 69
    2017-12-05 22:38
    can someone please convert the trailer to FS17 thanks.
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