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US Livestock Trailer V1
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US Livestock Trailer V1

Greetings from Nicaragua
I bring the cattle trailer Farming US_Livestock_Trailer vercion 2013 and updated to 2015, can move the pig beef, with capacity of 120 units will also change the tire, the Luces.ect.


  • Thebman
    2015-05-20 00:55
    looks like a great mod. too bad the down load site hit me with two Trojans....beware people!!!!!!!!!
  • Cwj108
    2015-05-20 02:23
    same here, luckily my computer blocked it!!
  • Boondox
    2015-05-20 02:48
    Well thats unfortunate, guess i wont download it. Anyone else confirm?
  • Eagle355th
    2015-05-20 06:14
    I can't download it. Dang!
  • Guest
    2015-05-20 13:23
  • Thebmn
    2015-05-21 05:36
    it would seem easier t up load the mod here instead of all the bullshit links to shitty sites.
  • Thebman
    2015-05-21 06:23
    I have uploaded this mod myself. if it gets posted.. enjoy everyone!!!! good gaming!!!!!!!
  • Logmaster
    2015-10-26 05:38
    how do i load this trailer with livestock
  • Jeremy
    2017-09-14 22:22
    The reason people upload to uploading.c is because they get paid for clicks. Be very careful what you click on when you are on that site.
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