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Valley East USA
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Valley East USA

Welcome to Valley East USA based on areas of the golden state from farming the land and dairy cows, chickens and sheep to fotestry with beautiful landscapes.

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S-B Independent Modding

  • Gator
    2015-09-02 05:18
    This is a very nice map . How come my AI doesn't go strait ? Its at an angle .
  • Bisgu
    2015-09-04 18:38
    Hello. good map. Where I can sell the chaff?
  • George
    2015-09-08 14:17
    The hired worker need to be aligned precisely, otherwise he just continue in the direction the tractor is facing?
  • Ct farms
    2015-09-09 06:05
    love the map but bga needs a little work silos and the silage feed are off.
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