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Varvarovka Map v1.3 Hard Work
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Varvarovka Map v1.3 Hard Work

Version 1.3
- Fixed critical errors related to animals
- Fixed problem with incorrect display of fertilizers
- also corrected other errors.

- Legendary Russian big and beautiful map
- Most of the village
- Many objects of infrastructure
- Rivers, lakes
- 25 fields of different sizes
- Meadow (you can cut the grass)
- Forestry
- fisheries
- Mill
- Market
- food plants
- Points of reception products
- Farm for cows, calves, chickens, pigs, chickens and rabbits
- And much more

Yevgeniy Duzhnov

  • Jairo
    2015-12-20 00:51
    Ai você pode upar ele no MEGA por favor ?Oh können Sie es auf Sie MEGA nehmen?Oh you can take it on please MEGA?
  • Blacky
    2016-02-22 01:04
    awesome map playing it right now
  • Blacky
    2016-02-23 06:04
    i had delete the map from my game when you hire worker to plow the field it quits right away it's a awesome map but it needs to be fixed
  • Blacky
    2016-03-03 04:14
    even the seeder to would quit to
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