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Veenhuis Liquid Manure v1
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Veenhuis Liquid Manure v1

A Veenhuis liquid manure spreader, whit a volume of 25 000 L,
He is skinned of the Varia Tridem tank.

Made by:https://www.facebook.com/4x4FarmingSimulator?fref=ts (Like us for more mods!)

4x4 Farming-Simulator

  • Nono
    2015-03-18 16:30 Send message
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    Hello!On what map you've taken screenshots because I think it's very good!Thank you to answer me!
  • Paolo
    2015-03-18 18:31 Send message
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    Sur quelle map vous avez pris les screen ?J'attend votre réponse !CORDIALEMENT
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