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Vehicle Reversing Sound Tutorial
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Vehicle Reversing Sound Tutorial

This mod includes 2 very simple tutorials on how to add the reverse sound on your vehicles on farming simulator 2015 mods

What's included in the zip
- Reverse Sound File
- 2 PDF Tutorials - One to explain adding the default sound and the other to explain adding the custom sound included within this zip

This will only work for mods
If you change the standard game vehicle xml's it will break multiplayer so I would advise you to only do this to vehicles that are in "Mod" form .

PDF Tutorials - FarmerMatt2012
Reversing Sound File - FarmerMatt2012

  • Johnny
    2015-11-30 14:55
    wat mean break multi like cant use mod then
  • Jim


    2015-12-10 23:49
    He means if you go into your actual game file and mess with those ingame files. You will not be able to play multiplayer cause no one will have the same files as you.
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