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Vehicle Sort v0.2
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Vehicle Sort v0.2

Hi there,
presenting here my first mod for FS2015.
Since it has annoyed me since ages that the order you jump through your vehicles by using the tab key can not be changed, I've written a little mod for this porpose. You can also jump into another vehicle by selcting it in a list.

How to Use VehicleSort:
All keys can be customized in the FS-Options-Dialogue.
Use NumPad or Mouse
0 key / middle mouse opens / closes the vehicle list. This shows the vehicles in the order in which you will jump using the Tab key, incl. the attached tools / Trailer / etc.
2 & 8 keys / mouse wheel moves the marker (green) through the list.
5 key / left mouse selects a vehicle for shifting - the mark changes to red. Press again to exit shifting mode.
Enter / right mouse button jumps directly to the selected vehicle.
If you sit yourself in a vehicle, this is written bold in the list.

I could not test because I do not have time for multiplayer games due to time constraints - so I do not know exactly how FS handles the hopping sequence in multiplayer games. Officially, the mod is not MP-fit for this reason!
Notes / Error:
The log is clean with me in previous tests - the mod has not previously been tested on different systems. If you find errors, please post in the comments or via PM.
The modified sequence is stored in a separate file to keep the original savegames untouched. At the start of the game the stored sequence is reloaded and restored.


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    2014-11-16 15:43
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this mod. Always bugged me how you had to reset vehicles in order you want them to get this. Saves lots of hassle and works fine.
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