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Vessel Ultimate v1.0
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Vessel Ultimate v1.0

You have over 30 fields and meadows but most of them are about 1 hectare so it's not a big map. Good for tractors with power less than 200 hp but the terrain in some places is really extreme so bigger ones could be also usefull.
It has animals (cows , chickens), medium BGA, 1 farm, 2 selling points, place for forest, start machines, PDA (will be updated), intresting textures and some details...
The map is adjusted under the original functions. No log errors and good for Low Poly PC. Sorry for no german descripction.
Version V1 - We will work on the next version.
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  • Anders thomsen
    2016-06-30 15:18
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    Hi there.I love this map, but I cant feed the cows? I dont know why, anyone else have this problem?
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