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Village Maksimovka Map v1.5
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Village Maksimovka Map v1.5

List of changes in version 1.5: 1.Izmenena and corrected bakery and melnitsy. Pomenyal location melnits. Dobavil bunker near the mills for grain reception. 2.Add a plant for the production of cheese and pasteurized milk. Now deal with milk has become very profitable! There you can sell plain milk, if you do not want out of it to produce and sell three times more expensive. 3. Added the electric gates to carpool. Slightly changed the look and adding new objects. 4.Dobavil 2 more greenhouses for growing lettuce, for more interest and benefit to engage in the given direction in CX farm. 5.Izmenil everything plaques with the name of the villages. Now they are set according to GOST = :) 6. Now a small "Little Farm" is not increased to a large village and has the name "Mironovo". There were many beautiful objects, sounds, green and so on ... It looks beautiful. 7. All fields are converted and now when buying a new field, it does not fertilize !!! as it was before. 8.Vozle each of the water tower, you can fill the barrel - the water, but this fee! Since water is not state-owned)) Free of charge only in the River. 9. In the village of Maksimovka there was a large and very beautiful river. In addition to the roads were bridges to cross. 10.Kamyshey became more. 11.Install all over the map High-voltage lines. Now the harvest has become even more difficult and realistic. Also it is a great method to prevent those who use a program such as Freestuff kurspley! 12.Perenёs chickens in the other place. You will find them on the map. They are marked by a specific icon. Collecting eggs is in the barn near the chickens. 13.PRovedena a lot of work to optimize slybyh cards for PCs, as well as to improve and uvelechenie FPS multiplayer. 14.Polnostyu redid the place on the map with dirt. Now you will not see dirt in places where it does not tend to be realism. 15.Dobavil one more point of sale and straw bales. two of them now. 16.Dobavil another point of sale of seeds and solid fertilizers. 17.Ustanovil on the map with two BGA silo Mami. Rejoice, who was waiting for this very :) 18.Izmenil meshes animals. Now the cows walk through the territory of barns themselves come in a pasture on a watering and kormёzhku. 19.Slegka changed and embellished territory Slaughterhouses. 20.Novoe colorful PDA. 21.Dobavil some beautiful and realistic ponds and reservoirs, as well as changed the green water on the more realistic. 22.Izmenil place spawn technology. Since many people have forgotten about the existence of a carpool. Now equipment moved into place. 23.Pri start of the game you do not belong to two large fields. That's enough, that would successfully quick Start and develop alone or in a game on the network. 24.Na many industries and not just added automatic gates. 25.Perenёs chicken trough and manger, to a new habitat chickens + marked not promahnёtes :) 26.Teper all barns are open. 27.Mnogie rustic inns opened their gates and expanded entry that you could park your technique and equipment CX. This will give more realism to the game. 28.Na production increased raw capacity and product itself 3 times. 29.Dobavil point of sale of pasteurized milk to the store, "Alenka" at the village of Maksimovka. 30.Ubral drawdown FPS in the side of the grave who died in a road accident. The reason - mnogopoligonalny house set my stupidity :) 31.Dobavil additional equipment and CX equipment at the start, as you have in the two fields of property and not a little card, but not any extra freebies! 32. In the village of "Babino" finally started rebuilding of the Temple, and now they need to sand board. 33.Perenёs SeedMasters (production of fertilized seeds). 34.Dobavil a lot of cool and realistic sounds of nature. The map is now live but when. Do you really like. 35.Izmenil description card at boot. 36. In the log there varningov who say that the sound should be in "MONO" format, will not fix, since the transfer of sounds in this format, quality is awful and noisy. These errors do not like will not affect the game, so do not pay attention !!!37.Perenёm place of occurrence the player into the yard of a residential yard. Just a pleasant surprise awaits you at the start :)

Максим Николаевич (Gelik666)

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