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Vladimirec T25 Full Script (FS15) v1.0
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Vladimirec T25 Full Script (FS15) v1.0

Model: Marcello1942, fairred225, Tomek096
Script: Giants, CatFan18, Bruner, Fumski, Lech, Spinach
Programming FS 15 (I programmed it again!): MafiaGrabina (formerly President3P / ziarkovi)
What's up with Wladek?
On approach: Turning console, Mask, Doors, Fenders in front, Rear beam
On Key: Mirrors, Rooster, Front Halogen Models
Opened items: Left Door, Mask, Rear Window, Right Window
Moving pedals
Movable haul from manual gas
Moving from the Hand Brake
Running (4 and R)
After removing the mask, the lights will not go out (only front lamps) :)
Moving tip
Illuminated clocks
Mod Hand
Moving wheels from the alternator
Movable roller
Passenger V2 (possibility to enter 2 at a time)
Rusek has lights (with FS 13) which are not mula
Halogens front / rear
Hand brake
Manual firing
Whelle shader
Dirt (dirt, os, stick, actuator, mask, fender, rear right)
Full animation of FS 13 lice!
Full animation of the rear window opening
Full animation of the front joystick and steering twist
Illuminated clocks
Mod has 0 errors in txt !!
Real smoke
Mod has 1 error in the log (in no way to muddle it)
What has Tur?
Dirt (gets dirty)
0 errors in the log
0 errors in txt
Full of animation animators
Tur has an attacher set in place, not out of town!
Fashion immediately throw into the mods folder!
Please do not change the link!
You can CONVENIENT to FS 17!
The weight of fashion is only 17mb! If Wladek did not turn out to be the same as the original Marcella and not so much what ulepy waza ie 30, 40 mb!
File size: 17.0 MB


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