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VMT Tarn Liquid Manure Trailer v1
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VMT Tarn Liquid Manure Trailer v1

found this trailer here a while back some where it was pretty messed up the steer axles was turning two differant ways so I reworked it some got the wheels fixed and  got steering corrected I got it to haul Manure and it works great for that purpose I have The Cap Set To 100,000L

NOTE: Manure Offload Point Is On Right side When I got The Mod It Offloaded Through second Wheel from rear I Removed Second wheel from rear And Made Some Offload Chutes On Both Sides for balance but offload point is on right side only

Unknown but Thanks To All Who Had A Part In Building it
Thawk09 Fine Tuned axles

  • Thawk09
    2015-11-02 13:56
    I forgot till it was uploaded it shows up in store under slurry tanks as kotte Universal ST I Would Have Changed that but forgot
  • Shadowr434
    2015-11-03 15:04
    The landing gear are missing from the looks of your pic. Was that an issue from the original mod or did you remove them by mistake? Just curious.
  • Thawk09
    2015-11-03 21:03
    Odd Thing Is It Never Had THem And The Weird Thing is It Worked So Well For What I Was Wanting it For I Never Noticed That Till Now And That's Bad Seeing How Iv Been Driving A Truck For 17 Years Now Dang How Did I Not Catch That WOW
  • Thawk09
    2015-11-03 21:11
    Turns Out Was Built Around Another Trailer And The other Trailer Supports Are What Works A Landing Gear You Just Cant See It I Guess I Will Work On A Updated Version With Landing gear now Thanks For Catching that wow Still Cant See How I Missed This
  • Thawk09
    2015-11-04 01:20
    Version 2 Ready With Landing Gear And Front Fenders Link Belowhttp://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/9545-vmt-tarn-liquid-manure-trailer-version-2/
  • Shadowr434
    2015-11-04 02:55
    Thanks. Ive been driving truck for 30 years myself. Shit like this calms me from the crap we deal with on the road.
  • Thawk09
    2015-11-04 20:51
    Shadowr434 That's What I Got Euro Truck simulator and A 389 Peterbilt For I can Take Out My Frustration On The AI Traffic for 400 buck that's worth it to me LOL
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