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Vogelsang Swing Up 15m v1.1
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Vogelsang Swing Up 15m v1.1

Since I needed a compact drip hose system for Holzhausen map, I have ado with his consent nabbed the Vogelsang SwingUp 15m from Kyosho Samsonpack and a little improved.
It can be connected to each slurry tanker with corresponding rear linkage and attacher (eg original Zunhammer, Samson)
It now injected only manure without cultivating.
It now works with the GPS Mod (working width).
Registration in the shop is now based on the manufacturer.
price: 18000 €
daily upkeep: 12 €
hp: 160
working width: 15 m
A little problem there is: I disabled the Hydraulicsound when folding the arms by now. Otherwise there is a continuous sound on the ears, even if nothing moves. Possibly the same problem as in the Unia-Palmet of maciusboss1. It's in my mind, but may take some while. If anyone knows a solution, please write in the comments!
To avoid disappointment: the slurry texture on some images comes from Soilmod. On Standard Maps without these mods you can only see the dark fertilizer Layer.
The coupling is a bit tricky, with too much momentum the SwingUp tilts ever backwards and then remain upright lie (then please reset per menu!). I've tried a lot to avoid. Unfortunately, then there were another difficulties. So pull over carefully and coupling! Whoever manages to couple the barrel in the internal perspective, gets a bee. I have it managed so far only once. :)
To take the drip hose system is in operation, change to it via G and lower it with V. Then, the slurry tanker is switched on automatically. When lifting again it is switched off.
For me, the log is error-free. Whoever finds fault except the above mentioned, they may like to write in the comments.


Everyone is allowed to change the mod, as long as the credits mention any previous modders and the version numbers make sense. Before uploading new here or elsewhere please ask via PM.

LS2013 Urmodel: daniel11, fruktor
LS15: Kyosho, akarvi

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