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Volkswagen Beetle 1966 Post Edition v2.0
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Volkswagen Beetle 1966 Post Edition v2.0

So first time you have to here does not download, so let me senseless comments because he can get nothing ... just download Like I said who may need it.
Version 2.0 Anhänger Post
Hänger funktioniert jetzt
Now for Mod: It is a Volkswagen Beetle from MODALL (thanks for your great mods) umgeskinnt in an old PostBus nothing exciting. It costs EUR 5 000 has a hitch and drive 76 km / h and has the same functions as that of MODALL.
Please excuse the images - I know it is not the best ....
Re-uploading to other sites not desirable, whoever wants to change it and re-upload please ask. That's all please write constructive criticism in the clerk if they are meaningless was my last mod here.

Modell: Turn 10 (Driver SF) modall
Textur: sanhau18
Script: sven777b
Idee / Konzept: sanhau18

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