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Volvo 10x10 6 v1.1
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Volvo 10x10 6 v1.1

Now the Volvo 5achs with 3 forward steering axles. (The other has 2 forward steering axles and trailing steering axle 1)
Decals were added and the wood replaced with checker plate.
Exhaust pipe ersetzt.Schläuche farther to the front.
Departs 94 kmh. Constant brake to zero gesetzt.Besseres handling with Auflieger.Der Volvo has a Brakeforce of 7
Semitrailer should be at least 8 Brakeforce sake haben.Dem handling.


  • Alan
    2014-12-17 03:53 Send message
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    hi m8 i like all your mods you do . would you do this with a towbar on the front of it so if need be you can pull it up hill you can email me on this 1 [email protected]
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