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Volvo 10x10 New sound and better grip v1.2
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Volvo 10x10 New sound and better grip v1.2

Increased Price, 105k was too cheap, now $145k
1200 Horse power, should pull three trained trailers full.
SUPER GRIP. No more peeling out with 14 wheels total anymore.
Added different sounds.

Ombelis BJM

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    2015-03-07 20:32 Send message
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    Feel free to leave comments and suggestions.
  • Oif3gunner
    2015-03-26 04:54 Send message
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    Maybe some beacons?
  • Wennerhag
    2015-04-05 22:17 Send message
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    have used the 1.0 up till now, and have felt that there is a lack of chrome on the exhausts, rims and in the front. but that's all.... now that the grip is fixed it's very nice to drive. =) Ty
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