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Volvo BM LM218 v1.0
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Volvo BM LM218 v1.0

A successor to the H-10 what the LM 218. It was first presented in 1959 and Became a great export product. As a matter of fact, it initiated the export of construction equipment as a whole.
A great step forward which taken with LM 218. It left the tractor stage behind once and for all. It was designed and built as a wheel loader from the start. Now the wheel loader so Gained Their characteristic yellow color.
Despite its small size, It could beat larger machines. Much thanks to the construction of the lift arm system and the engine - a high torque Bolinder with outstanding protracted characteristics.
The LM 218 TD had a Twin Disc Fluid Drive for smooth transmission of the engine torque to the driving wheels. This limits wheelspin and gives the operator a Possibility to drive slowly while operating the bucket without stalling the engine.
Engine BM 1113
Engine output (SAE), kW (hp) 46 (63)
Tip. load, kg 2400
Bucket volume, m3 from 0.6 to 2.1
Tires front 16.9-30 / 10
Tires rear 9.00-20 / 10
No. of driven wheels 2
Weight, kg 5400
Production no. 8328
Production year 1959-1970
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