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Volvo F12 NYK Pack Trailer v1.0 clean
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Volvo F12 NYK Pack Trailer v1.0 clean

Here is my Volvo F12 & NYK Trailer Pack withoutWSB
!!! ... 1x unpacking ... !!!
Content: Volvo F12 & NYK Trailer
more: TSL Agricultural Engineering
Who does not like, simply NOT upload!

* Vmax: about 93km / h
* Beacons
* Special paint and polished

NYK trailer (not quite real):
* Capa: 35,000
* Milk Transport
* Steering axle
* Open the cover sheet for
* TipReferencePoint: about middle (front wheels)
* Fruits: wheat barley maize fertilizer potato rape Sugarbeet wood chips fish flour milk

Have fun with it ... TheSecretLife
It is prohibited to upload this mod again, not even in modified form!

Umbau/Edit/Skinn LS11: TSL
Umbau/Edit/Skinn LS13: TSL
Umbau/Edit/Skinn LS15: TSL

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