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Volvo HKL ITRunner ready v1.2
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Volvo HKL ITRunner ready v1.2

The OHV Modding Team presents the Volvo HKL IT Runner ready.
The Volvo can load all the containers, including agro and Normal. We have rebuilt the Volvo and newly installed many new features, such B. the liftable frame, hence the Giants Container lie exactly.
If you have reviews on the Mod, please only to me personally.
Have fun,
OHV Modding Team

Ombelis bjm

  • Frankmanhh
    2015-10-07 12:35 Send message
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    Error: Mesh 'ID277' has zero triangles.C:/Users/frankman/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//VolvoFH_HKL_ITRunner_red/VolvoITRunner.i3d (377.85 ms)
  • Martin heimann
    2015-10-08 11:41 Send message
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    how do i ues the arm on the truck
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