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VW Beetle Breitbau Funmod v1.2
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VW Beetle Breitbau Funmod v1.2

so the most important thing in front. The Urmodder is MODALL and we must rebuild its mods and re-upload as long as you mention him as urmodder both in the credits and in the Moddesc what we do with this as far as we know.

Among the changes:
Body completely widened including Befunzelung
Adapted wheels
Driving Werkt adjusted (Tiefer, hardener, Geiler)
Inked exhaust smoke very dark
Left and right each 2 Adstrips added by the tuner also currently still sollche old vehicles rebuild
Choice of color has been preserved as well as the functions hood on and so
Customized Store images and name of the mod changed (Bescheibung has remained the same)
Log is clean
This mod has been just rebuilt to have fun and oh yes, it fits perfectly into the parking at the dealer and also else where :)
So now we wish you lots of fun while testing and simulating
Yours sincerely
The MTL Modding Team

Urmodder = Modall
Umbauer = MTL Modding Team

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