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VW Crafter EMS v1.0
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VW Crafter EMS v1.0

Hello people,
Today is the first RTW (ambulances) comes out for the LS15. The vehicle is "only" a temporary solution. We already working on a new RTW of a bit to be more detailed
The whole mod was built by me. Except for the parts such as front flashers, or fanfare horn speaker. These are from J112J Thanks for that.
It is important that you have installed the latest patch of the game that you can find here: http://farming-simulator.com/updates.php?lang=de
Also you will need for this mod the Light_Addon Vertexdezign of this can be found here: http://vertexdezign.net/downloads/lightaddon
It may take 2 doors on the RTW open are the doors that are on the passenger side in the construction easily walk up to them and press X. This will only work if it is disconnected from the vehicle engine.

Legal Information:
Creative Commons License
VW Crafter RTW of Fire Technology is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - No Derivatives 4.0 International License .
About this License Permissions beyond the scope You can www.fire-technology.de obtained.



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