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VW T2b Bully v1.0
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VW T2b Bully v1.0

The VW T2, also known as Kombi, was built from 1967 to 1979.
This is the 1972 VW T2b Flatbed with tarpaulin.

This version was build on the VW T2 from modall, but it can only load cases with fruit or beer crates.
The following Products could be loaded: Apple, cherry, orange, pear, plums, strwberry and beer or bread.

Autor 3d-Modell:
Don Mario, Perfil Bajo, Techland, modall

Konvertierung und Ingame LS2015:
Sven777b, Geri-G, PeterJ

Palette mit Bierkisten:

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