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Warmia v4.2
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Warmia v4.2

What map includes:
- One farm
- Cows, chickens, sheep, pigs
- Watering cows, sheep, chickens, pigs
- Feeding chickens
- The sale of eggs
- Feeding the cows in the barn
- Making the barn
- Supersilo
- Filling the drill in the barn
- Fertilizers
- Lime
- Silage
- Grass fed cows, sheep
- Grazing cows, sheep
- Near the pigsty economy
- Purchase of pigs
- Shop Agroma
- Purchase of cereals
- Purchase of wool
- Liquid manure near the barn
- Acting manure
- Conveyors of potatoes and beets
- Wool near the barn
- Filling the water wheel barrels buying
- Manure v2
- Urine v2
- Lime v2
- Mod chopped
- Trigger a shop in which you can sell the same machine
- Reset machines
- Several machines to start
- Sellers field
- Dirt roads
- Pedestrians
- Traffic
- An interesting area
- Clean Blog
- ATM, telephone box
- Mud on the roads and fields and lakes
- Added some trees to cut, you can cut and merge fields
- In the shop Agroma icon where you can buy seedlings
- The seedlings will appear near the shop
- Can be planted new trees in place of the old
- Fixed a piggery that was slightly lower
- Not all fields are already sown, is several stubble
- The main procurement wheel wooden fibers is buying wood

What I did:
- Changed silage silos and changed its location.
- Changed the manure plate.
- Changed the cows in the barn for such in 3D.
- PozmieniaƂem some crops in some areas.
- I Shrunk the sheep pasture.
- PozmieniaƂem little tree.
- I added a stack of bales.
- Added more fence.

And I guess that's it. I got permission from the author, for which I thank you.
I also thank the Chinaman who supported me and helped in the work related to the map.
The prohibition of changing the link!
Prohibition of editing! If you want to spend edit, write, definitely make a deal.
If thyself to another forum copy the entire description and do not change the link!

Author: Marshmallow
Konvert: mati4895
Edit: AgroTeam (Kosobud)

  • Guest
    2015-02-24 23:22
    what dose this mod even do is it a map because i cant even play it because it dont show up on my list
  • Hansi
    2015-02-25 13:02
    Maybe you should open your eyes and look at what the name of the mod is! it CLEARLY states that you need to unpack it as theres more files in the file you are downloading.Im really amazed how many cant do the most simple things before yapping on about how bad mods are.
  • Sdhigdon
    2015-02-26 21:40
    it dose the same for me ...i put each mod in and nothing
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