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Warminska Wies v1 By Mleczak
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Warminska Wies v1 By Mleczak

Hi all very welcome. I would like to present to you my first map to ls'a 2015.

Map has:
- 2 buying
- 2 villages
- 2 economy (one less for ursusów and bison :) and one more for John Deerów)
- Mod lime, manure and manure v2
- Mod chopped
- Cows, chickens, sheep and water mod for all animals.
- Pushed manure
- Transport of milk (they can carry milk to the dairy, if someone does not want to sell the milk itself automatically at 0:00
- The rugged terrain (hills, wells, etc. :)
- Polish climate
- Sound system a key will open (non-zero)
- sawmill
- One big forest
- Buying fields
- Traffic
- And much, much more, but you will learn about themselves.

If someone will not work wonders on a key ls'a simply turn off and turn on again.
Special thanks for the player with the nick derpy24. All the time commented about me, he said what he likes and what not. Advised what looks good and what does not quite xD.
Map for proper operation requires patch 1.2

Author: Mleczak321

The prohibition of changing the link
Prohibition edit without my permission. Be sure to priv we come :).
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  • Atr


    2015-01-31 16:03
    mleczak321 czy mogł byś usunąć te ruskie napisy gdzieś przy loading bay i przydały by śię jakieś silosy na farmie... bo tak z każda przyczepą zasuwać do skupu to nie bardzo:/ wykupione pola sa troche daleko od farmy. Ale to ujdzie...
  • Philippe
    2015-02-02 18:25
    Bonjour,j'aimerais savoir pour ouvrir les portails et les portes ont fait comment,merci
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