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Wassel construction site v1.0
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Wassel construction site v1.0

Here is after the beta V1.1 Enhancements on a 4 compartment which is actually quite expanded to some but I have lost track and simply see no end to the build because I do it all alone.
Thus, I offer here this 4 times map of Wassel and surroundings to continue building.
As I said I lack the overview and I einfaach not have the nerve to build further.
If someone wants to continue to build this map, I'd appreciate the end result.
Otherwise, they play the way it is and I have to say that you can then just buy cows because the INFO LAYER of the chickens and sheep not fit.
Nevertheless, a thank you to the modders whose mods or building I've built.
Have fun FK Modding

FK Modding..Diverse Modder deren gebäude verbaut wurden

  • Ash1223
    2015-02-04 01:54
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    im trying not to jink it but if its fs15 PLEASE make it fs13 please and thanks again thomas
  • Ahmad
    2015-02-04 17:53
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    Is there a link to another ... I can not download the file because it is heavy
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