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Waterstation v2.0 Normal
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Waterstation v2.0 Normal

Hey LS Community!
Since I and a buddy are unable to find proper water station for our map, I have made myself ran and created its own.
The inspiration we have a water station on the Papenburg Map.
You can find the station in your maps using no extra inquire. However, it would be nice if you then mentioned me in the credits.
If you still think of accessories, you can edit and upload the station like as long as you previously informed me about it!
The mod must be installed with the Giants Editor! In addition, you should size the water station yourself via the Skaling parameters in the Attributes window to adjust. The water trigger is included!

Model: LsPrO
Texture: LsPrO with the help of hectic

Polycount: 4200 tris
Clip Distance: 700m Recommended
You can download provide long as you used the original download link to the mod on other sites.
Black Forest Modding Team


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