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Weather Mod by piva
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Weather Mod by piva

This weather mod I made for me.
I will not update this mod by your requests.

This weather contain bright sunny days and also cloudy.
Fog day part will be show only from 6 am till 11 am, and may occur very rarely.
All day long weather change depending on the skybox.

Package contain 3 mods
Main – Weather_by_piva.scs
Rain – Rain_by_piva.scs
Flare – Flare_by_piva.scs

All mods are standalone.
No any mods contain file “game_data.sii”.
Rain mod have self rain sount and 4 thunder sound against 2 file on all other rain mods.

SCS change lighting rendering and now we can see sun in truck mirrors.
But now traffic lights makes little bit darker than in previous versions.
This Flare mod remove all unused parts and make traffic lights little brighter whatever it will be seen in truck mirrors specially for 1.19.
Flare mod for traffic lights only.

Thanks SGate for skyboxes

Authors: SGate, piva

  • Erpilas
    2015-07-24 13:26
    good, you could detail where you have to install, thanks...
  • Erpilas
    2015-07-24 13:27
    buenas, podrĂ­as detallar donde hay que instalarlo, gracias
  • Paul
    2015-07-24 15:23
    wrong category ... it's ETS2
  • Resistance607
    2015-08-19 05:11
    Dont upload mods and waste banwidth if you are going to fix the crap that is broke..or turn around an tell people to shut up when they tell you somethings wrong...tool
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