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Weight Hunter Camo v1.0
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Weight Hunter Camo v1.0

This is a barrel weight for the LS15. In HunterCamo Style
Weight: 1t
Color: Hunter Camo
Ls Version: 15
Mod Version: 1.0
More on: www.Game-Crystal.de
The mod can be Placed only Game-Crystal.de to Download!!

Mein Mod

  • Hard driver
    2014-12-08 04:27
    so if its to be placed ONLY then why dont you minus the hookups and call it a camo painted metal barrel for decoration? i mean why tell us its a weight if its placed only? why add hook ups for tractor if all we can do with it is place it. id rather see three or 5 of them stacked as a deco item if thats the case
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