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Wesermoor Map v0.7 Beta
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Wesermoor Map v0.7 Beta

Weser Moor
This is the map of traktor2406. It is fictitious and not based on a real life location. The map is not finished and will not appear until the new Farming Simulator. However, since I'm waiting for some Sktipts I build for the time being not much more than now.
I release an unfinished version that you, the community can give me feedback. Or tips and ideas that I can possibly incorporate into the finished version.

Now the Map
-> It has a courtyard with many halls for Maschienen and equipment.
-> The farm also has a BGA which is Functionally; The other BGAS are not ready because I want to build it only with the BGA script Heady.
-> You can store their chopped wood at the point of purchase or sale.
-> In the village there is a grain of sale where they can their grain for a good price selling. For this you can still store potatoes and sugar beets.
-> The Landmaschienenhändler should provide them with enough space for new purchases.
-> To the cow pasture has happened not much. But it should work.
-> There are many fields and pastures can reap and replant depending kipper. All fields are directly you and must not be only bought.

The map is not yet built finished, so please do not expect all that is error-free.
I'm on your feedback instructed so that the map can be even better. So I ask you to write me PNs or comments with Constructive criticism.
I have taken much trouble for this project and it was a lot of work so far. It is my SECOND map I really himself build from zero. I hope you Respect my work.
I'd also like to modders whose objects I used to thank, it is not easy to find good properties. But I have built are there! Thank you!!!

A big thank you to Hendrik who has always tested me and improved.
And 0maxi0 has Mutiviert me to continue mapping and always helped me with errors in the script.
I would only make it without you 2 THANK YOU !!!
I apologize for spelling errors. No I'm not 10 years old, but had just a problem with spelling.

Gebaut: traktor2406
Helfer: 0maxi0
Tester: Arreluk
Objekte: Modhoster, anderen maps, Giants
Texturen: Modhoster, anderen maps, Giants

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