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Westbridge v1
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Westbridge v1

Welcome to Fliptop72's map of Westbridge Hills. (with only a small amount of extra tree's)

Welcome to Westbridge.  After playing many modified map variants of westbridge hills I decided to make my own, in this version the terrain and animal locations have remained the same as the default version with just a few increases in capacity's for manure heaps and liquid manure silos and eggs and a few building removals replacing with functional buildings.

After a huge amount of investment your new farm is ready for operations, you start with the ownership of 1 field adjacent to your farm and a basic set of start up vehicles.  You have pig and beef buildings along with an abattoir, there is a general purpose shop buying almost everything with the exception of bales, pig and beef.  The garden centre now buys excess slurry and manure.

Your time has come for you to tend to the farm, and business once created by your family many years ago.  Your objective is to maintain a healthy bank balance along with diversity in the aspects of running a day to day farming operation.  Please enjoy playing this map as much as I do, any objective criticism is welcome.



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