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Westbridge Edit v1.0
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Westbridge Edit v1.0

This is my edit of Westbridge Hills, I have added the lumber mill and a forest tree and extra's. Added Lumber train and grain train. I have deleted some fields and reshaped some fields. I have moved the cow, sheep and chicked areas and added water mod for cows, sheep, and chickens. Removed some buildings and added some. the pda has been altered to suit ..
I have run it without error for several days and have found no problems.
Moved cow zone added, including manure, added silage pit at cow zone,
added mixing station, now has pigs and beef also slaughter house. manure and slurry sales. Wool pallet collector much much more, you will have to see. ;).
The main farm has a new layout and feel to it, also a separate area on the farm for storage and combine parking.
Also it has a area added for resetting your machinery etc.

Thanks to Giants.
Mahru for the watermod & wool pallet collector
NI modding
GuelleMistKalkModPackLS15 - Mannie313, Marhu, grazy
Asphalt Textures by Fendt512
Forgotten Plants
Field Textures Geneborg
Windrow Textures kirezagar

  • Skytracer
    2015-02-17 00:30
    Nice work...Maybe to much building on the main farm (look like a labyrinth)...Some trees are in the air...The silo area are not easy for trucks with long trailers ...And the last thing maybe is the grey floor on some roads (look strange)...Thanks for your work and of course for you attention ...
  • Trops
    2015-02-17 02:52
    Thomas, i like alot of ure work. I grew up on a farm ,as those who have know that there is still alot more work in farming than in the simulator. Though the main thing i was wanting to ask u was ,if u can make a placeable tractor/truck/trailer wash, that u can drive through to clean everything. We built one on the farm with high pressure nozzles. I would love to be able to build one , but i just cant get the hang of the Giant editing.
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