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Westbridge Forest v4.1
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Westbridge Forest v4.1

Simply unpack the zip, drag and drop all the files into your Farm Simulator 2015 mod folder.
This is my edit of Westbridge Hills, I have added the lumber mill and forest tree's and extra's.
Added Lumber train and grain train. I have deleted some fields and reshaped some fields.
I have added a feed stock with conveyors to the cow area and added water mod for cows, sheep, and chickens.
Removed some buildings and added some. the pda has been altered to suit ..
I have run it without error for several days and have found no problems.
Moved cow zone added digital display for silo's and futterlager, new conveyors including manure, added silage pit at cow zone,
added mixing station, now has pigs and beef also slaughter house. manure and slurry sales.
Wool pallet collector, Compost Factory and much much more, you will have to see. ;)
You will have to start a new save game, sorry. There has been a lot of changed textures and new buildings

Thanks to Giants.
NI modding
Fendtfan1 (Chris)
JohnnyVee aka John666
And all modders out there

  • Clermont
    2015-03-14 23:39
    great map lot a think to do but can't load Milk from tank for delivery thank you
  • John
    2015-03-15 09:02
    Milk is collected at midnight, like all 2015 maps. If you want to collect and deliver yourself you will need the mod from Marhu
  • Paul
    2015-03-15 12:47
    how can I buy the fields ?
  • John
    2015-03-16 04:21
    go to the field where the dirt roads are, you will see for sale sign, go up to it and press R. like normal
  • Peter
    2015-03-16 06:13
    great map hours of fun great job question how and where do i sell liquid and reg.. manure thanks again great map you should be very proud of your work,,,
  • John
    2015-03-17 06:58
    Slurry and manure is sold at the Garden Center
  • Peter
    2015-03-18 06:09
    i tried i used different trailers and tanks i pulled them into the yellow spots wont take either i don't know what i am doing wrong
  • John
    2015-03-18 12:06
    You cant sell with a spreader, Manure is sold from a normal trailer, and for slurry you need a special slurry trailer not the slurry spreader
  • Peter
    2015-03-19 00:40
    thanks for ur help i got the manure to work can't get the slurry to work
  • John
    2015-03-19 09:29
    Peter here is the slurry tanker I use to sell slurry.http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/garant-kotte-slurrytanker-v1-1/
  • Peter
    2015-03-19 13:30
    perfect thanks so much for ur help having much fun with this map
  • Kiwi
    2015-03-21 09:22
    good map there a few things need fixing the biogas silo need fixing as it reads 1% after it empty field 13 has a low spot down by the dirt track into the field at the grey road end
  • Guest
    2015-03-23 14:35
    Excelente mapa. Recomendo.
  • Skrapi
    2015-03-27 01:30
    I cannot figure out how to get the seeds to work. Where do I process them to get them to the seed bin?
  • Cornfed
    2015-04-14 00:09
    will this work in multiplayer
  • Brian
    2015-11-20 02:50
    I downloaded the stop milk sale mod and, the kotte trailer mod but cant load milk still. Any suggestions?
  • Scott
    2016-03-31 00:10
    Great map. I especially like the ramp to the hoppers for the BGA. Makes selling silage so much easier. One problem though, Where/ what do I feed the pigs and Beef? Tried total mix rations like the milk cows at what looks like an unload hopper next to each place. Didn't work. Any help would be appreciated. Again, Great job on the MOD. Thanks.
  • Stan
    2018-01-08 01:39
    Great map for 2015but wish we had it for 2017 map i like the barn and the way it was lay out
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