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Westbridge Hills Huge Savegame
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Westbridge Hills Huge Savegame

Westbridge Hills savegame: This mod is a save game with all fields planted, $12, 200,000 dollars, but be careful, money disappears through a straw very quickly, with so much machinery. All fields bought, planted in different fruits. It’s true that you will be living high on the hog. The vehicles include:
Linder Geotrac 94 x1 (tractor)
Case I-H Magnum 380 x2 (tractor)
New Holland T9.565 x3 (tractor)
Case I-H Quadtrac 620 x2 (tractor)
MAN TGS 18.440 x5 (18 wheeler cab)
Case I-H Axial-flow* x2 (harvester)
New Holland CR10.90* (harvester)
Case I-H Draper 45FT x4 (header)
Capello Quasar HS 16R x2 (corn header)
New Holland Smarttrax x1 (tractor)
GRIMME Tectron 415** x2(potato harvester)
GRIMME FT300 & Rooster 604** (sugar beet harvester)
GRIMME Maxtron 620** x1(sugar beet harvester)
Krampe BigBody 90 x1 (tipper)
Krampe SB 30/60 x5 (huge 18 wheeler tipper)
Vaderstad Rapid A 600 x5 (seed drill)
Horsch 12 Master x2 (sower)
Suer SB 700 x1 (weight)
Lizzard Piqup x1 (pick-up truck)
Deutz 7250 TTV x2 (tractor)
Lemken Helidor Gigant x2 (cultivator)
Suer SB 1600 x2 (weight)
Lamborghini Mach 230 VRT x1 (tractor)
Kuhn FC 2525 F x1 (mower)
Bergmann Carey 385 x1(forage wagon)
You will also have 100 sheep.
*the New Holland harvesters are set up to have grain cutters on them, and the Case harvesters are meant to have corn. **The potato harvesters are at the farm, and the sugar beet harvesters are at the fields so you don’t get the mixed up.
You may notice you only have 2 cultivators, but all of the seed drills don’t need further plowing or cultivating.
Sugar beets:
Fields 3, 12, and 13 have sugar beets.
Fields 19, 14, 11, and 8 have corn
Canola or Rape:
Fields 6, 18, 21, 15 have Rape or Canola.
Fields 5 and 20 have Grass.
Fields 4 and 7 have barley.
Field 9 has Potatoes.
Fields 1, 2, 10, and 17 have Wheat.
The reason potatoes are only in field 9, is by the end you are never going to want to see a potato again.
All vehicles except the Lizard piqup, sugar beet harvesters, and sheep vehicles are at the shelters in the farm. Thank you so much for downloading! Hope this map really brings home the bacon!
How to install: Drag folder to libraries/documents/ my games/farming simulator 2015. Extract all. Needed mods:

This save game was made partially on multiplayer.
Multiplayer helpers:
Nexis686 and Jack (asked them if they wanted their name in credits)
Main builders:
traxxas1239, A K, Jamiek

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