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Westbridge Hills Logging Map
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Westbridge Hills Logging Map

This is my version of the Westbridge Hills map for FS15. It has been set up to be primarily for logging. There are no vehicles running to get in the way. There has been a few extra storage places added at the farm area for Chaff, Grass, and Straw. I added a couple extra farm silos to make it easier to unload your crops rather than having to run to one place to unload. I also made the log sell trigger at the sawmill a little bigger so it's not necessary to unload your logs from the trailer. Otherwise it's the same as the original map. All the fields are planted with trees to be logged. The original field areas are outlined to make it easier for plowing and cultivation once they have been purchased, trees are cleared, and the stumps have been removed. None of the fields are owned by the player. I changed around the hay bale selling area so it's a little easier to back into the sell point. I also added some extra storage places at the cow area for feeding along with an additional bin for making silage.

I hope you enjoy it!

Giants for the original map
Tirrera for the map edit

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