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Westbridge Hills Remixed
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Westbridge Hills Remixed

This is the stock American map Westbridge Hills with a new central farm.
In my variation of this map, I've removed most of the unusable buildings in the central farm in an attempt to better utilize that area. I've also moved all the animal zones into the main central farm as well. You start with mid-ranged machinery and a couple of the fields closest to the main farm have been slightly reworked to accommodate for the large cow zone and larger machinery start.
The old cow zone has been replaced with farmland. The old sheep zone has been replaced with mowable grass. I hope you enjoy the map as much as I enjoyed modifying it!

v1.1 Update
-fixed PDA map markers
-fixed minor landscaping issues in central farm

Please do not upload this to any other site without my permission. Thank you!

Stock map of Westbridge Hills that comes with FS15. This map is edited by Mastice.

  • Jeffrey
    2014-11-16 16:36
    Would really love for someone to add some forestry to Westbridge , some large forests . What's to possibility you could add in so good 'ol American logging ?
  • Sheathanaich
    2014-11-16 19:18
    This Remix and your other are my now goto maps for playing FS15...Intelligent farm layout, with not so over the top start machinery, seriously good map to play on...If I had ONE little request/change. The large cow field could do with a gate..so we could mow that area. It would be perfect for transport to cow shed or baling to silage...Excellent map.. 5* just like Bjornhold Remix...5*
  • Guest
    2014-11-16 20:19
    Great Map...As mentioned above, gate into cow pasture and some sort of logging would make this map outstanding.Thanks
  • Dle444
    2014-11-20 07:25
    I have the titanium edition and when I download this map its not showing up in my list. what am I doing wrong
  • Dle444
    2014-11-20 07:29
    also I wish when they make these maps please put ls15 or ls13
  • Farmboy002
    2014-12-06 06:36
    All I can say is thanks for doing all the work for me. I was thinking of editing westbridge myself with this kind of layout. I did add a woodchip conveyor and re-done the train station. You did good, I like it, I like it a lot....
  • Snowman500
    2014-12-18 04:08
  • Snowman500
    2014-12-18 04:11
    This map is awesome ....like how everything is centralized ...only oone thing I saw one thing is that there is alot of vehicle parking across from the 2 big garages ...was thinging maybe the could be a food storage or atleast one of the small shed areas could be a feed storage ....anyways awesome map ..like the hill in the cow pasture too!
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