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Westbridge Hills Untouched v1.0
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Westbridge Hills Untouched v1.0

Hello Com,
I got to read it in recent times again and again that there is no Westbridge Hills ModMap, which is still quite raw or changed, I once sat down last night and invests about 30 minutes and again today about 15 minutes time and a Original Westbridge Hills Untouched created.

So here is now the final map, have fun wish you the rebuild or expand the map.

The map is undeveloped, completely unchanged, there was nothing added or removed.
The map hotspots should be nearly complete, if not then just let me know and I will add the missing object and set here. The Hostpots, I criss-cross on the Web or forum on Marhu.net searched together, partly adapted or extended.


Original Map von Giants
Als ModMap durch RC-Devil

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